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NZ Beef Cuts

New Zealand Beef is considered the finest beef and is accordingly internationally recognized and rated. NZ Beef delivers a superior eating experience with exceptional flavours and tenderness. This refined quality is attributed to:

  • Animal Health & Welfare: NZ superior farm systems ensuring animal health and welfare
  • Animal Age & Breed:
  • Animal Diet & Lifestyle: NZ Beef are reared in free range, grass fed farms.
  • Food Safety Systems: Humane processing and superior production facilities and systems ensuring correct food safety and consistent cool chain management
  • Product Management: Ageing and production systems

With family connections throughout the supply chain, the team at Ken Wilson Meats works through the complete process to procure and source the finest to ensure the best eating experience and flavour.

Selecting the grade of beef is the critical factor. Our team, based at Taylor Preston’s are on-hand and actively manage the grading and selection criteria. Food Safety principles and practises are in accordance to the Export Meat requirements, with the plant operating a registered Risk Management Programme.

All beef supplied is HALAL.

NZ Beef is available in carcass form or boned beef primal cuts.

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