Ken Wilson Meats partner with food manufacturers to produce a limited, but delicious range of bacon.
Produced in a HACCP-registered plant,  using traditional practises.
  • Streaky Bacon – Made from the belly of the Pork, we present you with this incredibly versatile, highly desirable, naturally wood smoked raw bacon product.  An essential item for every fridge; the perfect breakfast accompaniment, amazing in sandwiches, and THE product to enhance any dish (in salads, pastas, wrapped around chicken, prunes).  Streaky Bacon crisps to perfection, and injects every dish with amazing flavour.
  • Rindless Eye Bacon – Crafted from the middle loin, naturally wood smoked, we present you with Eye Bacon. This bacon is incredibly lean (up to 30% leaner than other variants), the “meaty” bacon for the health conscious.

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